This section was your go-to place to know which topic [among hundreds available] I will be posting next to this site.

 Please be assured that this site and the information herein had never been attempted before,  because the scope of the William Marples tool making Empire is so vast.  Sure, there are sites out there on some aspects of MARPLES tools, but few of them have my available literature [from which I can draw the necessary information] in order to present to you a glorious picture of an unfortunately now forgotten and bygone age of ingenuity and commerce.  But please be assured that this site will never venture into the Irwin-Marples Tools which were made abroad after c.2008, as I restrict my interests and advise to just Sheffield made tools,the very best that were ever made.


IMPORTANT:  The History section has been just been massively updated by additional, heretofor unknown information. This information could forever change our databases.  4/19

If you have read the 'Read This First' page you will already know that I am closing this site down shortly because of a lack of funds to perpetuate it.  This is a shame because I have masses of information on the 'Wooden Planes' that I was working on to upload. AND  I simply cannot carry on providing good information for people to 'borrow' for their Ebay descriptions to sell their Marples tools, with no reference as to where the information came.

​5th July 2019