If you have read the 'Read This First' page you will already know that I am closing this site down shortly because of a lack of funds to perpetuate it with godaddy  [I simply do not have $900US+ to give to Godaddy to keep this thing going, being a retired person].

It would certainly have helped if Ebay sellers who accessed this site and posted information gleaned from it, would have acknowledged the source of their information [in order to sell their Ebay Marples tools].

But my experience has been that these sellers take all and give nothing.  

Which is why, when I start up again, I will be charging a site access per visit fee. [Or also a Lifetime Membership}

Only because I am tired of being 'used' by Ebay sellers quoting my hard earned facts and giving me no recognition on their auction sites.

‚ÄčPlagiarism is alive and well in the Ebay community. But this does not help stimulate or support research.  It merely fuels today's profits for those few.  And that is why there are virtually no acknowledgements of the information sources on Ebay sellers sites.  It only takes mentioning: 


But that is just too much trouble for these people.

‚ÄčThe new hosting site should be up and running by 20th October, but it will take perhaps years to load up again, from scratch, all the information that was contained here.  This is because godaddy wrote there site hosting software to NOT allow any transition away from them. And I put years of my life into this site before I became aware of this fact.  Am I upset?................