But what is next you ask ?!!

​In the background I am working on establishing the start/end dates of the use of Electro-etching on the tools, which should enable a more accurate dating of some tools, and I am also working on collecting the Wooden Planes for a future treatise on them.  However, finding good examples is getting harder and more expensive as I type!

[but the collection is going on fine, but bankrupting me!  12Dec2018 ]

So I may be looking presently at upgrading the Gouges section of the Chisels& Gouges page, as I seem to recall that the majority of that page was devoted to the chisels only.     I may in fact install a totally different page for the Gouges.       Still thinking on this  12/2018​, as it is a huge subject separately!! 

​My collection [at great personal $$$ expense] of the Wooden Planes continues to grow, but as yet is not complete enough for me to feel comfortable in writing about them...![12/18]

ALWAYS Contact me at:  edgeman@rogers.com and I promise to reply within 24 hours, [unless I die, in which case this promise will be null and void, just like me].

This section is your go-to place to know which topic [among hundreds available] I will be posting next to this site.

 Please be assured that this site and its' information herein has never been attempted before,  because the scope of the William Marples tool making Empire was so vast.  Sure, there are sites out there on some aspects of MARPLES tools, but few of them have my available literature [from which I can draw the necessary information] in order to present to you a glorious picture of an unfortunately now forgotten and bygone age of ingenuity and commerce.  But please be assured that this site will never venture into the Irwin-Marples Tools which were made abroad after c.2008, as I restrict my interests and advise to just Sheffield made tools,the very best that were ever made.

There is unfortunately no automatic provision on this site to show the latest update page, so I will try to show that here:

The 'MARKS' page is proving to be a huge task.   The transition points of the various marks are really blurred, as I cannot count on the 'catalogues' being totally accurate.  [In fact, if any thing, it is better to not even look at the catalogues as MARPLES used old 'cuts' in their new catalogues to save time and money because after all,  the actual product had not changed, merely the decal or mark. ]  So to work out the changes in marks over time is therefore, to say the least, very difficult.   So I have adopted a different research tactic.... I am going to try to compare the blade stampings/etchings with the other marks positioned on the tool.  This is a work in continuous process.

I try to monitor and therefore do upgrades all pages on this site, but I am only one person overseeing and writing this site, and the latter gets more complex to control as the days drift by.​  [and I get more senile!]


LATEST:   17Dec2018  I have just updated the Wooden Spokeshave Tables to make things easier to read