Here is a complete sheet of 4 of the 'first' transfer which merely states:  MARPLES SHEFFIELD ENG   and is 18mm in diameter.

[Actually there was one transfer before this , in the 1890s that just indicated  MARPLES and SHEFFIELD and was slightly smaller than this one!!]

 I sell this transfer in sets of 4 for $12CAN.

This is an earlier transfer than the 'second' type and is seen mainly on most hand planes, boxwood chisels etc.

The colours are authentic including the Gold.  ​These are correct WATER transfers as per original.


The Wood Plane 'BB' applications :

I have great scans of this image and can produce virtually the same 'transfer' /application as the original. 

However, these images need very precise cutting out of the outline and of the 'plane' outline from the original 'print'. 

This is very labour intensive, however, I have purchased the equipment to do these functions.

I will sell each 'application', [ready to 'Fish Glue' to the plane] for $8 CAN each

All of the Transfers below have been very expensively re-produced in the UK and are currently for sale here. [FOX Transfers is the firm to whom I indebted]
I have had made, and will continue to offer for sale, these amazing Water Transfers which are exactly like the original transfers.​
Please be assured that, despite the work involved to get these transfers to you,  I make very little if no profit.   ​   Please therefore accept that with the visits to the local Post Office to get quotes and then to post, my time and expenses are worth a little compensation. [Usually a $5 value for small purchases, not on for larger orders} 

Prices shown do not include shipping and time/effort(for small purchases)
Please be assured that these transfers are not available anywhere else in the World.

There is a later 'BB' Planes paper transfer that I have found and which I will endeavour to reproduce for you.  Watch this space!

Here is a complete sheet of the 'second' transfer marked Wm MARPLES & SONS SHEFFIELD ENG which came as 19mm and 26mm diameter.  I sell these transfers in sets of 4 individual transfers [either 2 small + 2 Large, or 4 small, or 4 Large] for $12CAN  The colours are authentic including the Gold.

​These are correct WATER transfers as per original.

I have had this large transfer [right] reproduced which was placed on the side of later [after 1905?]  hand-made (not BB) wooden planes made by MARPLES and also some other tools [e.g. Hammers]  It is Large and therefore I am selling them for $5 CAN for each transfer with a minimum purchase of 2 transfers [=$10CAN]  

These are correct WATER transfers as per original.

It may have emanated from the early 1900s. [More work!]