Type 3

This must be the issue with stained and dark varnished Beechwood handles.  The MARPLES transfer is still seen on the Right hand side { as seen from a users aspect}

Here are the prices asked over time:

Date                            M71                       M71.1/2

March 1936                 15/-                         12/-        and these prices were stable until March 1940 and beyond.

March 1940                 15/-                         12/-

Type 1

I have only found 1 picture that shows this rare Type which had a Black painted base [but this example has a wooden base added which was not original]  The base casting looks exactly like the picture shown in 1936.   The blade clamping ring and associated Thumbscrew was probably Nickel plated



I came across this offering on Ebay recently, and although not totally proved, this certainly looks like an Aluminium base casting, that MARPLES never made.  Although sparkling new it is both the wrong colour for a Cast Steel base and shows no Transfer.  The box accompanying this offering is older than the plane looks.   Moral of this story:  Before you bid, look at the evidence in front of you.

In the 1949 Price List these items are not shown as being available, so they must have been de-listed during the war.  But an Addendum dated November 1951 to this 1949 Price list indicates that they are 'now in production'.  I cannot find any listing for the M71.1/2 after this date, and must infer that it was dropped from production c.1952

Similarly the M71 seems to have been ceased to be made c.1963.

Date                           M71                         M71.1/2

November 1951         38/-                           35/6d

January 1955              36/-                           not listed

December 1959         39/-                            --

April 1961                 39/-                            --

April 1962                 42/6d                         --

March 1964               not listed                   --  

Type 2

The next type that I have found shows the more usually seen RED base and may be from the 1944 period. It is possible that they may still have been available then with Rosewood [old stock] handles.

The very first pictures of the M71 and M71.1/2 metal routers first appeared in the March 1936 mini catalogue, [as shown below] but were heralded initially, although not then shown, in the December 1934 mini catalogue wherein they appear as ' Also Routers, Scrapers, Spokeshaves etc.'

The March 1936 mini catalogue describes them as being of Best Grey Iron Castings, Handles & Knobs of 'Selected Rosewood' with all adjustments 'Smooth and Precise'.

Each were sold with 1/4"; 1/2"; and a smoothing [V] blade.

At this time there is no description of the surface finish. [see later] But as per introduction on the M bench planes I must assume that the Best Grey Iron Castings were offered  BLACK.