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Please do not X out of the page because it is not instantaneous, have a little patience!!!  

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So the next page that you should jump to [on the left] is the 'What is coming here next?'  This will tell you what area of Wm. MARPLES  tools I am presently studying in order to post those results on this site.

Anyway,  Welcome to my site!!,  


I hope that you will enjoy it and discover some information in it which I feel sure you did not know previously.  And it is always totally FREE!!   An almost unbelievable statement to be found in this World of Avarice and Greed, but in truth I am governed by financial constraints and this FREE site to you costs me money to keep running. Think about that.

But I am not into this for any profit,  I just want to explore and promote the name of William Marples & Sons., who I consider to be the very best Tool Manufacturing Company that has ever existed, anywhere in this world.

[Yes, America, this includes you lot as well!]

If you would like to correspond with me for any information exchange or just to chat, I would welcome that, so feel free......   is the best email avenue for that and I will always respond to any intelligent request.


The Wood Planes section is on hold presently.  [Although I will be gathering info for this section for an eventual large download of information.]