I am so sorry to have to bore you with these details, but some of these pages are, of necessity,  VERY large and therefore need your patience in order to load properly. 

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I hope that you will enjoy it and discover some information in it which I feel sure you did not know previously.  And has always been totally  FREE!!   , but in truth I am governed by financial constraints and this FREE site to you costs me money to keep running. In fact my site needs to be renewed with GoDaddy this October for another 3 year term and as a retired person I cannot afford it. In the past I have indicated here that this site receives about 7000 visits per month, obviously by people looking for information, information that I have painfully researched and which is available nowhere else.  I would have thought that this information would be worth a dime or two, but over the last 3 years I have had only two people who thought this way and sent me a donation to help the renewal $$$.

So based on finances, THIS SITE will be shortly closing down permanently, and the information contained herein will be lost.

​5th July 2019

If you would like to correspond with me for any information exchange or just to chat, I would welcome that, so feel free......   is the best email avenue for that and I will always respond to any intelligent request.