I hope that you will enjoy it and discover some information in this site which I feel sure you did not know previously.  And this has always before been totally  FREE!!   , but in truth I am governed by financial constraints and this FREE site to you costs me money to keep running. In fact my site needs to be renewed with GoDaddy this October 15th for another 3 year term [$900+US] and as a retired person I simply cannot afford it.   In the past I have indicated here that this site receives about 8000+visits per month, obviously by people looking for information.  And because that information is painfully researched and available nowhere else,  I would have thought that this would be worth a dime or two, but over the last 3 years I have had only eight people who thought this way and sent me a donation to help the renewal process $$$.

Imagine, at 8000 people vists per month at even 10c/visit, I could keep this site going perpetually, until I croak.


I have now  taken the site down. 

But be advised that the site will continue but not under the godaddy hosting  We are hoping for a smooth transition from this old site to the new and under the same domain name...confirmed 

 So keep typing in the same Domain name after October 16th and see what happens.  The format will be different and hopefully more easy to understand, but the site may take some time to gradually

re-build. Presently it is progressing well and I have so much new information to add to the site and so many new pages[tools] to pontificate upon! 13Oct2019

If you would like to correspond with me for any information exchange or just to chat, I would welcome that, so feel free......   is the best email avenue for that and I will always respond to any intelligent request.


A few months ago I managed to purchase what must be one of the very few remaining 1921 Wm. Marples Catalogues. I was thrilled, because I could extract and post really good images from this catalogue for all of you to see.  Along with other tools this catalogue was shipped via DHL  and this whole shipment of very valuable historical tools was 'lost' by this shipper. 

October 10th...they found it at London Heathrow and it should be on its' way.

​It is presently in Toronto [13Oct2019] so there is hope that it can make its' way over the last 100km!