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So, although it is presently indeed a FREE site and you are able to extract information from it that is available nowhere else in this Galaxy, a little help to keep it running would be appreciated.  If every visitor donated just 10 cents, that would be enough to fund me for the next year of expenses.  

                                                                                              10 Cents!!

So if you think that you could afford 10 cents, contact me at  'edgeman@rogers.com'  and I will give you the Paypal account into which you can make this magnificent contribution to mankind.

BUT here is the rider....if I cannot receive sufficient donations by October 2019, when my GoDaddy account is renewable, this site may go off the air.    Period.

I am so sorry to have to bore you with these details, but some of these pages are, of necessity,  VERY large and therefore need your patience in order to load properly. 

Please do not X out of the page because it is not instantaneous, have a little patience!!!  

[Unfortunately this is not a virtue of todays' youth, but they will probably not visit here anyway!]

So the next page that you should jump to [on the left] is the 'What is coming here next?'  This will tell you what area of Wm. MARPLES  tools  I am presently studying in order to post those results on this site.

Anyway,        Welcome to my site!!,   

I hope that you will enjoy it and discover some information in it which I feel sure you did not know previously.  And it is always totally FREE!!   An almost unbelievable statement to be found in this World of Avarice and Greed, but in truth I am Governed by financial constraints and this FREE site costs me  money to keep running.

But I am not into this for any profit,  I just want to explore and promote the name of William Marples & Sons., who I consider to be the very best Tool Manufacturing Company that has ever existed, anywhere in this world.

[Yes, America, this includes you lot as well!]

If you would like to correspond with me for any information exchange or just to chat, I would welcome that, so feel free......

edgeman@rogers.com   is the best email avenue for that and I will always respond to any intelligent people.


I have recently been contacted by GoDaddy to extract from me a further $150 per year in order to protect this site from being labelled {on GOOGLE} as being 'not secure', due to being NOT HTTPS secured.

I consider this as being only a 'bait' to extract more money from me and this site.

This transition from HTTP to HTTPS is only for those sites that offer a Customer interface and is NOT therefore for this site.

 Please therefore be aware that this is a secure Site.

Here is a 'count' of the number of people who have visited this free site over the last 2 years, have gained good information and acknowledge that 'information' costs me money.  They have therefore donated some money to keep this site running and advancing.

Received to date 09 Dec 2018:

In other words there has been only one kind individual or Company who has been willing to give me any money for the information contained in this site, in order to help me further my studies and give to you the results of a many years of work.

This is pathetic, but unfortunately is a sign of our times when everybody wants everything FREE.

Despite that good news, I am still on the air.

The NEXT page that I must surmount is.... WOODEN PLANES

This is a HUGE [with a capital H] obstacle because it encompasses a VERY large amount of research and work.

I may have but a few dozen examples of these planes, but I can never have enough.

This will take me months to collate and to get in any semblance of order, so please do not expect me to be everywhere on this site updating, as before.

Keep watching for my further updates here.