Here is where you will eventually find the definitive history of the founder of the William Marples firm going back as far as his father.  I could go back further, but the information gets less reliable .

The information that I will present will be as accurate as I can find on a dedicated Family History site.  But I have to sift through many family history informations that purport to give a Family History,  but which are copied from other inaccurate Family History pages...the blind leading the blind!!.   This is supremely intensive work to discern the truth from fiction [or at least the reporting of similar names linked to a reported site].   I have found numerous sites that draw information from another (erroneous) site.  The problem here is that there were so  many children allnamed exactly the same around 1600-1700+ and within one family!!. {It is almost as if the people of those times had no other childrens' names in mind than other than their forebears' names}.

Every first son was named after his father and the daughters were named after their Mothers or Grandparents. This leads to a total confusion for researchers, as concrete information as to birth, christening date and Father and Mother named therein is therefore not 100% trustworthy.

So here it is the first attempt to get history right for William...this is just a first attempt to get the facts down on paper..there will be many revisions...

I have therefore spent countless hours on a Family Heritage site to gather information on the William Marples family history. But this information may fly in the face of other renowned Historians. But in truth, to get things 100% correct is very, very difficult.  It is a vast subject when you have to go back 5+ generations, so I will try to compress the information herein reported back as far as William Marples Snr. , the Father of the founder of the William Marples tool company.   Other sites may indicate that Snr. was the founder...this is not true, his son William Jnr. started the empire .

The Family history of William Marples & Sons seems to be steeped in incorrect reporting and incorrect history analysis.   I still spend much time on a Family Tree internet site to give me what I believe is the correct information, without having to physically go to the Churches and Parishes around Sheffield in order to substantiate the facts surrounding the history of  William MARPLES and his family.  [Which in my case would be prohibitively expensive given that I live in Canada!]   This sort of internet research is bound to incur inaccuracies, and so I will endeavour to research each issue from many sites so as to obtain the most correct information.

John Marple [1732-1819] married  Mary [1739-1818]  in 1770 and had 2 sons William[Snr]  [born in Baslow, Derbyshire in 1773 died Ecclesesesall Sheffield 29th Nov 1844]  and Robert [Snr.] [born 3 May 1772 and died 28 Aug 1839]

Willam Marples Snr.  married Mary Clarke [b.1781 Sheffield  d. 6/1849 Sheffield.]  on 14 June 1802 at Parish Church of SS Peter & Paul Sheffield and they had a son William (Jnr.)

Robert Marples Snr.  married Ann White [1776-2/1800] on 3rd June 1775 in Sheffield and they had a son called Benjamin in 1798.

His wife Ann died shortly thereafter and he married anotherlady Charlotte Foster [1776-15/1/1864] on Oct 20 1800  in Sheffield. This union produced a son named Robert Marples [Jnr] [b. 1807and it is this person  who started the Robt. Marples tool making firm.

One son of William Marples Snr. was named William (Jnr.),and he was born in 21 March 1809...this was William Marples Jnr. who started the Tool making firm of William Marples .

William Jnr. had many siblings as outlined below:

Amelia     b.1803

William   b.1805    d.1805

John   b.26/10/1806

Samuel   b. 23/2/1808

George   b.2Feb1811

Isaac   b.1813

Mary   b.1816

Eliza   b.14March 1819

Ann   b.17Jan 1822

Emma   b.1 June 1827     


William Marples Jnr. and Robert Marples Jnr. were therefore COUSINS, not brothers as all other sites allude. Those sites are getting confused between names and lineage.

Robert Marples Jnr[1807] married Caroline Greaves [1806-1869] and had a son Henry Dixon Marples [3/1840-3/5/1920] born and died in Sheffield.  Another son 'Robert' born in 1844 died in 1845 .

To be continued along the William Marples Junior line soon.............Dec 2018...I seem to have missed inputting here, because there are so many other functions in this site that need my constant daily attention.   I have so much more to add here, but please wait a while.

Here at December 2018 I must echo the fact that I have so much Marples family history information that I really want to input, but I really and simply do not have the time presently . When I do get to it the information will be mind-boggling.  If you need the info quickly then please email me and I will fast track it to the next issue.