Above, An 1914 Advert

Above is a 2 fold undated brochure of 8" x 10.5" intended for the Christmas Season.  I will get to dating these pamphlets based upon their contents .

At least 1954<c1962

February 1958 Advert [Right]

Here [below] is a pamphlet found in the box of an X4 plane and is dated May 1973.  It is 2 sided and measures  7" wide and 5.5/8"long.

Above Left is a Sept 1959 single fold double sided sheet showed only a selection of chisels that were available at that time. There was also an exactly same format 8 page 'booklet' produced, possibly Oct 1959, but showing a wider range of 'gifts', including the X4 Plane

An 8" x 11" Advert [below] from a date that I have yet to research,  But judging from the MARPLES emblem, probably mid-late 1960s   [note the Harlequin Plastic Handled chisels, on the left]

I feel sure that this  7" x 10"  1 fold 4 page pamphlet [Left] is quite rare.  27 Sep 1958 is dealer stamped on the face.

An advert issued during the time of Charles Marples who had an interest in Turner Naylor & Co.     c.1875-1893

1953 advert for a Wooden Plane.

A single page double sided [5.6"x 8.4"] advert for 'Round blade' 'Turnscrews'.  I estimate that this is from the 1950's and an insert into a catalogue, but I need to research it.  

An advert [above] from the beginning of the introduction of the 2690-1 Transitional type planes   c. 1961‚Äč    [see more about these in that section/page].       6.5" x 4.5"

This 4 page pamphlet [below] of 8.25" x 10.5" is code dated 'Leaflet No. D.66X.  Which I translate as Oct. 1966.

The last page is devoted to Woden and Fabrex which were both under the RECORD Tools umbrella at that time, as was MARPLES.   I will show here only the MARPLES content of the first 3 pages.

Probably an inclusion in the box of the No. 6806 MARVEL MITRE CUTTER AND CRAMP   this single 5.5" x 8.5" pink sheet is undated.  The 1961 Price List indicates 81/- for this cramp therefore c. 1957 may be a fair estimate.

An 8 page pamphlet [Left] outlining all the MARPLES Spirit Levels available at that time.  Research again needed here.  5.5" x 8.30"

Here is where I will try to post as many MARPLES adverts and small notes that were included in the boxes of many MARPLES tools.  Due to it's volume it may load very slowly...

The next object here is a one fold 8.5" x 11" 4 sided leaflet showing new products dated Sept 1968.

I will include all sides here in a reduced format.

'Woodworker'  November 1936 advert.

1951  advert

This 8.25" x10.5" 1 fold  4 page sheet was issued in July 1958 and shows the Chisels and Carving Tools sets available at that time.

Here is a  letter to the Trade announcing MARPLES  takeover of John Moseley & Son. Dated August 1892

 An 1879 Advert.

Again, no date shown on this 5.75" x 9.5" two sided 2 folded insert, but obviously printed after the introduction of the 'BB' Plane line . [1938<]


An advertisement extracted from BENN'S Encyclopaedia  1953

5.75" x 8.75".

This single page sheet of Sept 1977 is 8" x 11"

Another undated Instruction chart labelled Chart 1-3      10.5" x 8" folded in two. Late 1950s?

A list of MARPLES Distributors in UK as of January 1971

Obviously [Above] skewed to the Tool Merchant this 5.5" x 8.75" advert from October 1966 shows the 'Harlequin' Plastic handled chisels and the Compact chisels.

1945  advert

This is a small, double-sided 2 folded page to show the range of Shamrock Brand Vices available as of Jan 1954.     It is 3.5" x 5.5" folded and 10.75" x 10.75" unfolded.

An undated single sheet [Left] 5.6" x 9" advert, perforated at the bottom to allow the Merchant to remove his Discount Price.

This single folded pamphlet[below] 7" x 5.75" is undated.  I also have EXACTLY the same front page but with depictions of the

MARPLES chisels available at that time [ pictured directly below]

Probably late 1950's

A nice 5.75" x 8.75" advert [Right]from 1stOctober 1960..

An advert from 1907

Above is an advert from 1882

A single 8.5" x 10.5" advertisement sheet from Sept. 1959 that was sent to retailers only.

This Sixth Edition January 1967 6 sided folded pamphlet [below] is to show the Wood Carving Tools etc. available at that time.  6.75" x 9.75".   Cover and last sides are shown below. 

I do not have a date on this 9" x 11.5" 'insert'? Probably 1950s.

This one [Right] is dealer stamped 23JAN 1959, so may be very close to before that date.   It is a 2 fold illustrated list of Carving Tools available along with a price list.  5.75" x 8.5"