I have had made in the UK, and will continue to offer for sale, amazing Water Transfers exactly like the original transfers.‚Äč
The first set are the round type transfers at 19mm and 26mm, available in sets of 4 only of each size and at $3CAN for each transfer. (i.e. $12CAN for the set of 4), This transfer is the second version of the almost exact transfer that merely stated MARPLES SHEFFIELD ENG.  I have yet to work out when that change occurred,  Below is a scan of one sheet of the second transfer. This Transfer is available nowhere else in this world..

Although not MARPLES,  I have had re-produced an exact copy of the 1939RECORD TOOLS  Brace catalogue. This catalogue is so EXTREMELY rare and my copy is an exact reproduction that is almost indistinguishable from the original.  I have only 7 copies left and I will never reproduce them again. They are for sale at $36CAN per copy plus shipping.


I also have had reproduced the transfers that were used on the sides of the hand made wooden planes and many other MARPLES tools. These transfers ceased to be placed shortly after the advent of the 'BB' planes. They were only put on the Hand Produced planes <1965. {see that section}

  $5CANeach transfer, minimum of 2 transfers per order + shipping.

Here is a complete sheet of 4 of the 'first' transfer which merely states   MARPLES SHEFFIELD ENG and is 18mm in diameter.  I sell this transfer in sets of 4 for $12CAN.

This is an earlier transfer than the 'second' type.[above]

I have spent months getting this very rare 1861/2 catalogue (there is only but ONE original)  photographed, printed on the correct paper and put into an absolutely authentic bound copy.  They have all been stitch and bound as per original.

I have had only  29copies of this catalogue re-produced and when they are gone, there will be no others for sale, ...ever.  

I am selling each copy for $160CAN, not including shipping. [which will be in a free totally protective, bubble wrap envelope and with protective cardboard sleeves.]

The image [below Left] is of the front cover of the original and this has suffered mould and water damage over the years.  The copy [below Right] that I am selling has a front cover that is extensively cleaned up [$$] and with the hidden writing restored, no mean feat. [And therefore expensive.] 

It is 7.25" x 10.25" and is antique bound exactly as per the original. See also the 'Catalogues ' section.....

As of April 2019 I have only 10 left.

WS transfers:

My internet site of wstoolsbirmingham.com  was written by me to document the tools made by the company of WS Tools Ltd.  I have had reproduced the 2 handle transfers that these planes need. These are reproduced in the correct Gold, Black and Red of the original colours.

I sell the  'A WS PRODUCT' for $1.50 Canadian each and the 'CRAFTSMANS WS CHOICE' transfer for $2 Canadian each.  Minimum sale is a block of FOUR of any transfer.    Shipping is extra.

I loose money at every transaction because of my time and travel costs to and from the Post Office at 40c/km.

In this section you will find items that I have for sale. These will either be items of which I have 'doubles',  items of which I am willing to relinquish ownership, or items that I have accurately reproduced for sale.  I will always be honest with you as to why I am offering them for sale. Please note that I only sell tools in first class condition, they may be either MINT (as from the Manufacturer) or EXC+ (as from the Manufacturer but expertly re-finished by me [50 years experience] or slightly less than MINT.   I will never sell a tool that I have not adequately and correctly described.