William Marples and Sons Ltd.

​I​​​​ have used and collected MARPLES  tools for over 65 years and until recently I have been involved in writing internet sites on other Sheffield tool manufacturers.
[WS  {wstoolsbirmingham.com} and WODEN {wodentools.com} ].  
But now my interests are to publish and disseminate reliable information on the firm of William MARPLES & Sons, since this firm goes so far back into our history and is so infinitely more interesting as a family and as a firm than any other manufacturer in the UK.  I will endeavour to inform you about the Tools, the Trade Marks,  the History,the Catalogues/Literature and the Ancillary literature etc.  all of which are totally absorbing to me. 
So please look into my site here to obtain what I will try to present to you as  the  'go-to' site for all your William MARPLES information.

Some pages may load quite slowly due to either their volume or the way that I have initially and erroneously inputted them [probably the latter!] 

I welcome all information that may update or challenge any information on this site as I do not claim to be a MARPLES  'know-it-all'.  

Email me and I will always quickly respond as appropriate:   edgeman@rogers.com

I want input, negative or positive.  It is only from other peoples' experiences in life that I may learn and be able to become a more knowledgeable person.